Month: February 2020

Working With 3PL Providers

3PL providers can provide companies with numerous benefits and savings 3PL providers are companies that offer comprehensive and even one-stop solutions for enterprise supply chains in packaging, warehousing, transportation and order fulfilment. 3PLs can identify and fill the gaps in your supply chain. Their expertise, best practices and technologies can integrate into your business processes …

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Hidden Costs of Reverse Logistics

Warehouse managers underestimate the importance and demand of reverse logistics As e-commerce has increasingly shifted online, the traditional way of returning goods – taking them back to the store – isn’t always a consumer’s preferred method. So it’s important that distributors and retailers have clear reverse logistics procedures in place for returned goods. Due to …

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Reducing Labour Costs With WMS Systems

Reducing labour costs is top of many company’s agenda. Did you know a WMS could help reduce labour costs by up to 30%? Labour costs are likely the largest line item on your company balance sheet. Therefore, a successful cost reduction strategy must adequately balance resourcing and cost controls. Cutting your warehouse labour costs can …

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