Why Big Brother Can Be More Than Warehouse KPI Evictions

Cast your mind back 16 years to July 2000 when a group of ‘normal’ people entered a purpose built house filled with cameras as a social experiment to entertain the masses.

Week by week, the general public watched their every move with a view of evicting the one they liked the least based on poor performance / being incredibly annoying!

How can the ‘Big Brother’ mentality impact an operation driven by warehouse KPI data?

Within an organisation, the introduction of advanced warehouse technology and warehouse KPI dashboards to monitor every move and process, if not managed correctly, could create a sense of mistrust and worry… Big Brother is watching.

The introduction of tier one WMS functionality will provide a huge amount of priceless warehouse KPI data to a business but depending on how a warehouse management system is implemented and subsequently adopted, can be the difference between it being welcomed or rejected with force!

Over the past 10 years of implementing warehouse management software, we have seen a WMS be used as both a carrot to incentivise and a stick to beat!

can log into the system to review operational performance at any time, anywhere!

When using a true cloud WMS, the management team of a business are not restricted by location and can log into the system to review warehouse KPI performance at any time, anywhere! Enough to keep everyone on their toes surely and not do anything silly?! No, probably not but you will be able to see it all regardless!

So why risk implementing a WMS into your warehousing operation that is not quite at breaking point?

The overriding purpose of implementing warehouse technology and warehouse KPI dashboards is to offer instant, accurate data at the point in which it is needed allowing individuals to make good decisions to support the best possible outcome of any situation.

In the case of warehouse KPI dashboards and performance management data; having data presented in a manor which makes it easy to read and interpret can make all the difference at a critical moment.

Offering a tailored viewed of warehouse KPI dashboards to the wider team, rather than just the e.g. Warehouse Manager, can also be a hugely positive step in an distribution operation.

Live KPI dashboards displaying individual or team performance should be motivating

Live warehouse KPI dashboards displaying individual or team performance should be motivating for people, not worrying, but the difference between the two can be a fine line. If not introduced correctly, everyone may suddenly feel as though they could be up for eviction!

Warehouse KPI Dashboards should be about team performance, team motivation and to support day to day activity for both management and staff making peoples lives and roles that little bit easier.

If you would like to understand more about how our range of easy to use, rapidly implemented software solutions can support your ‘house’, then we would love to hear from you.

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