Clarus WMS Welcomes Hardy Distribution

Discover why they chose Clarus WMS for streamlined operations and a bright future in logistics.

October 16, 2023

Hardy Distribution Logo

We’re welcoming our first Northern Ireland customer to the Clarus family! Meet Hardy Distribution, our newest top-tier partner.

Getting to Know Hardy Distribution

With over a quarter-century of brand-building experience, Hardy Distribution, a family-run business, has earned its stripes in Northern Ireland’s competitive market. Their success isn’t just down to their business acumen but also their philosophy of forging collaborative, enduring, and trusted relationships. Brands that collaborate with Hardy not only benefit from a comprehensive brand-building approach but also from Hardy’s sterling reputation with its vast network of suppliers and wholesale & retail contacts.

Their sprawling 50,000 square foot Grade AA BRCGS certificated ambient storage warehouse is a testament to their commitment to excellence. The facility offers:

  • Tailored short and long-term storage solutions.
  • Comprehensive services range from container drops and pallet storage to picking, packing, and re-work.
  • Advanced stock integrity management.
  • Full traceability of stock movement processes.
  • Racked or hard-standing storage.
  • BRCGS certification

Why They Chose Clarus

Hardy Distribution realised their old system wasn’t cutting it anymore. They needed something sharp and current. Enter Clarus WMS.

Gareth Hardy, the Managing Director at Hardy Distribution, said, “We’ve always aimed for top-notch service. But our old setup was a hindrance. With Clarus WMS, we tackled the issues and geared up for what’s coming next.”

Here’s why Hardy Distribution chose Clarus WMS:

Smart Data Handling: Clarus has tech that cuts through complex data issues. Simple, clear, and effective.

No-Nonsense Admin Work: This system streamlines the paperwork, eliminating the usual headaches, especially around managing schedules. It’s about doing things right without the fuss.

User-Friendly and Automated: Designed with the regular bloke in mind, Clarus makes the job easier, especially with its automated billing. No more wrestling with clunky interfaces.

Keeps Up with the Times: Clarus stays fresh. For Hardy Distribution, that means always having the latest tools at hand.

Looking Ahead: Clarus is soon adding a bonded warehouse feature. That’s a clear sign they’re thinking about tomorrow, not just today.

In short, Clarus WMS is a straight-shooting, up-to-date solution that Hardy Distribution trusts to keep them on the front foot in the logistics game.

The Clarus WMS and Hardy Distribution Partnership

The vibrant landscape of Northern Ireland has always held a charm that extends beyond its scenic beauty. It offers an exhilarating blend of heritage, opportunity, and innovation for businesses. So, when Glen Wilkinson, Head of Sales at Clarus WMS, spoke about the partnership with Hardy Distribution, his enthusiasm was palpable.

“There’s an indescribable excitement about bringing Clarus to the heart of Northern Ireland,” Glen expressed. “Carrickfergus, where my mum hailed from, always filled our family tales with fond memories of its beauty and warmth. So, for Clarus to establish a presence in a place so close to my heart is truly special.”

Glen further shared his gratitude towards Gareth Hardy, saying, “I deeply appreciate Gareth for trusting us. Our commitment is to swiftly get them onboarded, ensuring they have the resources to grow and flourish limitlessly.”

This isn’t just another business deal between Hardy Distribution and Clarus WMS. It’s two firms with a solid past, working together for a big future. Here’s to making things happen in Northern Ireland.

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