Craig Robinson Spills the Marketing Beans on the Pathmonk Podcast

Learn how a strong online presence can fuel business success.

April 12, 2023

Clarus WMS’s marketing whiz, Craig Robinson (Head of Marketing), recently jumped on the Pathmonk Podcast to share some wisdom on driving demand generation and growth in the logistics sector. Pathmonk Podcast is a go-to platform where growth marketing gurus from across the globe come together to spill their secrets, helping businesses level up.

About Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson, a marketing expert with a solid track record in boosting demand, growth, and digital innovation in logistics, heads the Marketing department at Clarus WMS. Using his vast experience, he’s brought together a team to craft a dynamic online presence and nail inbound marketing tactics for the company. Check out his LinkedIn profile to see priceless advice and insights.

Craig Robinson’s Pathmonk Podcast Takeaways

On the podcast, Craig Robinson dished out how Clarus WMS keeps its buyers happy. He admitted that Clarus has relied mostly on word of mouth and partnerships to reel clients. But Craig’s mission is to revamp the business by embracing demand generation and inbound marketing strategies.

The Clarus WMS Website’s Starring Role

Craig spotlighted the Clarus WMS website as a vital sales tool, which has helped the company make a splash in the industry. He stressed the need to transform the website into an educational powerhouse, dishing out valuable content that fuels demand generation and supports prospects throughout their purchasing journey.

The Future’s Digital in Logistics

Craig Robinson’s chat on the Pathmonk Podcast underlined the importance of going digital in logistics. By blending demand generation and inbound marketing tactics with tried-and-true client acquisition methods, companies like Clarus WMS can use their online presence to cast a wider net and drive growth in the industry.

Wrapping Up

Craig Robinson’s enlightening convo on the Pathmonk Podcast emphasised the need to keep up with the ever-changing digital world, especially in logistics. By zeroing in on-demand generation and inbound marketing tactics, Clarus WMS is set to soar while offering innovative and wallet-friendly warehouse management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. To get the full scoop on Clarus WMS and Craig Robinson’s insights, don’t miss the Pathmonk Podcast episode titled “Revving Up Demand Generation & Growth in the Logistics Industry | Interview with Craig Robinson from Clarus WMS.”

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