Cut down time managing clients with flexible automated billing

With Clarus WMS, streamline client profile setup effortlessly, shedding light on contract terms, rates, and special conditions for transparent and efficient management. Our system offers flexibility, allowing you to customise rate structures, be it per pallet, per SKU, hourly service rates, or other options, to cater to diverse client preferences seamlessly.

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What to see it yourself?

But wait, there's more!

Our modern platform allows users to do much more than simply customise workflow. 

Cloud application

No more costly servers, your subscription includes updates and industry leading security.

Unlimited volume

Avoid being charged for your success, pay a flat monthly fee to full access to Clarus WMS.

Real-time data

Capture trends as they happen and say goodbye to delays in taking action.

Client access

Each client can see their own stock as it flows through your operation.

Multiple warehouses

Easily handle all your warehouse locations with one user-friendly app.

Advanced controls

Easily manage batch codes, serialisation, temperature controls or even hazard goods.

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