Automate data input.

Ensure complete accuracy and efficiency in your warehouse operations. With barcode scanning, you can equip every phase of your operations – from picking and producing to supplying. Track inventory easily and optimise your processes!

Warehouse scanning

Best for accuracy
and efficiency.

Barcode scanning is a game-changer regarding accuracy and efficiency in the warehouse. By allowing your workers to quickly and easily look up the item description and quantity before picking, barcode scanning eliminates the chance of errors.

Warehouse manager in the industry

Scan or tap, it’s your choice.

Take your warehouse operations to the next level with Clarus WMS. Our robust platform offers the best modern warehouse technology, including the ability to operate barcodes and RFID scanners.

Enjoy great offers on hardware.

As part of your Clarus WMS contract, you can enjoy brand-new scanners, label printers, and other top-of-the-line hardware to help optimise your processes. Talk to our team to get a personalised quote and find out how easy it is to upgrade your hardware.

Clarus Barcode Scanning on Device