Reporting Solutions.

All data stored in Clarus is fully secure, easily accessible and visible to you immediately.
Providing real-time data for every aspect of your warehouse, all data is presented in reports which are delivered automatically with pre-emptive alerts drawing attention to essential elements within your operation.
From KPI monitoring to stock alerts you can customise what is important to you
and your business.

Advanced reporting suite.

Collecting orders efficiently and correctly, saves time and money. With ClarusWMS you can measure the success and accuracy of your team by setting individual SLA’s and KPS’s to ensure your whole team are working at their maximum potential.

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'Fire and forget' self-service.

Automate the delivery of reports by email or FTP to ensure that your customers are not chasing you for information regarding their orders.

Full audit trails.

Logging of any transaction against the stock for full audit history of what happened by who and when for that line of stock, throughout the entire warehouse processes.

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