We do your numbers too.

You can be confident that every aspect of your warehouse is monitored and optimised with real-time data. And if there are any problem areas, our advanced system automatically generates reports to alert you so that you can take immediate action.

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Advanced and secure reporting.

Delight your clients by ensuring they don’t have to chase you for information about their orders. Clarus WMS provides automatic reporting and direct access to real-time data, ensuring you never have to chase down information.

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System data driven actions.

Take control of your warehouse like never before! You can customise what is essential to you and your business and receive pre-emptive alerts, allowing your team to make changes to boost profitability proactively.


Personalised KPIs to drive effectiveness.

Maximise your team’s potential with customisable SLAs and KPIs. These tools allow you to set clear performance expectations for individual team members, ensuring everyone is working at their highest level.

Comprehensive audit trails.

Get peace of mind with a complete, transparent record of your warehouse’s activity. By logging every transaction, you can track the progress of each line of stock through the entire warehousing process, providing an invaluable audit trail.