Understanding Forklift Trucks and Their Importance in Warehouses

Understand the advantages of electric forklifts for indoor use and safety protocols to follow for efficient and accident-free handling.

April 21, 2023

Forklift Trucks with female inside

Forklift trucks are an indispensable component in the daily operations of many warehouses, providing an efficient means of transporting and stacking heavy loads. In this article, we will elaborate on the importance of forklift trucks in warehouses.

Forklift Trucks

Types of Forklift Trucks

Several types of forklift trucks are available in the market, each designed to cater to specific needs and requirements. The most common types include electric, diesel, and gas-powered forklifts. Electric forklifts are best suited for indoor use as they are quiet, emission-free, and produce less heat than other types. According to one of our clients, adopting electric forklifts in their warehouse significantly improved the working environment by reducing noise and air pollution.

On the other hand, diesel and gas-powered forklifts are best suited for outdoor use and typically used in heavy-duty applications. One of Clarus’s clients, operating in the construction industry, has experienced increased productivity and efficiency by using diesel forklifts for handling heavy materials.

In the UK, around 65% of the forklift trucks sold are electric, reflecting their increasing popularity due to environmental concerns and lower operating costs.

How Forklift Trucks Work

Forklift trucks consist of a small platform or cab for the operator, a set of forks for lifting and carrying loads, and a mast for raising and lowering the load. The mast is usually powered by a hydraulic system, which allows the operator to control the height and angle of the load with ease. One of Clarus WMS’s clients mentioned that thanks to the precision offered by modern forklift trucks, they could reduce product damage and increase their storage capacity by optimising space utilisation.

Safety Precautions while Operating a Forklift Truck

In the UK, forklift-related accidents account for approximately 1,300 serious injuries per year. Forklift trucks can be hazardous to operate if not used correctly. Following safety protocols while operating a forklift is important, such as wearing safety gear, conducting regular maintenance checks, and receiving proper training.

A Clarus WMS client shared that after implementing a comprehensive forklift safety training program, the number of accidents in their warehouse dropped significantly. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that the load is not overweight and that the load is properly balanced to avoid tipping.


In conclusion, forklift trucks play a crucial role in the daily operations of many warehouses. They provide an efficient means of transporting and stacking heavy loads, making work easier and more efficient. It is important to choose the right type of forklift for your specific needs and follow all safety protocols while operating a forklift truck. A forklift truck can be a valuable asset to any warehouse with proper use and maintenance.

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