Happy Workers Mean Efficient and Productive Warehouse

How can you ensure you have “Happy Workers”?

Smart businesses run efficiently. The less time and effort that’s wasted getting a task done, the more healthy the bottom line will eventually look which equals in turn to happy workers. That goes for all processes, and your warehouse is no different. Just because it’s big and full of boxes doesn’t mean it can’t be fine tuned into a slick operation.

The first thing you’ll want to get right is your floorplan. Ideally, this is done at the very beginning, but even if you’re already running a fully operational setup, the potential efficiency savings could mean that rearranging your layout is still worth considering.

By using your space efficiently with a WMS solution, your staff can get jobs done quicker and can complete more jobs in a day, saving on floor space by not expanding unnecessarily.

A solid working environment with minimal waste will also help motivate your workforce, and working more accurately keeps customers happy. More and more businesses are also coming to understand the importance of employee engagement.

Statistics compiled found that companies with happy workers outperform their competitors by 20%.

In many warehouses, especially during peak seasons, it’s important to understand the importance of employee engagement as it aligns with retention and productivity for your business. It’s not realistic to expect your employees to be engaged if they’re not happy in their work.

On the surface the word ‘happy’ might seem a little airy fairy to associate with the booming world of business and profits. But beneath its shiny, smiling surface the word ‘happy’ offers all kinds of positive corporate connotations and permutations: better production, better safety, and better attendance. Happy workers work harder because they appreciate their workplace and want to contribute. Happy workers have fewer accidents because they’re more focused. And happy workers are far less likely to throw ‘sickies’ or, worse, leave. On the contrary, investing in worker happiness is an investment in a long term, stable workforce.

Studies have shown that happy employees are not only more productive, they’re less likely to be absent from work. They’re also 10% more engaged and 40% more likely to be promoted.

Incentivise your workers

It’s important to keep workers motivated by incentivising them with recognition and rewards. When employees know they are being measured, then their accuracy and efficiency tends to improve.

Make it company policy to promote an environment intent on spotting good work, not focusing on bad. Create an atmosphere where workers who excel know their achievements won’t go unnoticed. Make it every manager’s job to spot good work and praise it publicly.

How can technology improve my workforce?

Businesses tend to apply the latest technology in the hopes of improving efficiency and productivity. When this works out, it always justifies the cost. However, when it doesn’t work out, businesses can get caught down a rabbit hole of trying new technologies that never really fix their workforce problems.

This is why it’s important to make sure that whatever systems and processes you bring in, you do so with your workforce in mind.

In the warehouse space, there is a whole host of technologies and products that can make it easier for your workforce to communicate and collaborate, but only you will know which technology can have the most positive impact on your business.

What can a WMS do for my employees?

A WMS can get rid of minor headaches and transform your warehouse culture. If you find the right WMS, you and your team will see customer complaints become a thing of the past. This will help your team to focus on improving the rest of your business and they will become more productive, more engaged, and most importantly, happier at work.

You will be able to track and plan everything your business does, including employee performance. You will be able to see who is performing well and where improvements could be made. This will allow you to delegate the right responsibilities to the right people, making your workflow and workforce operate much more smoothly.

Report on warehouse performance, perform year-on-year comparisons, and gain better insights into how your employees are coping as your business scales.

A WMS lets you assign clear responsibilities to each team member, with accountability linked to performance targets. Find out where your team are exceeding targets and where further training is required. Discover where your pinch points are and make the necessary changes in rota allocation. Performance data can be used while managing staff to set individual KPIs, adjust shift patterns or set performance incentives.

Leaner working

Test way to stop operators making mistakes is to redesign the process to ensure that making mistakes is near impossible. This can be done by using decent warehouse management software to check for accuracy or by adding extra steps in the process to avoid mistakes occurring. The WMS will be able to display customised packing suggestions on-screen to staff at the packing bench to reduce decision-making for the operator and increase efficiency for dispatch.

Embracing technology means your warehouse will be neater and greener without the mass of unnecessary paper. Using barcode identification readers can minimise picking errors and improve accuracy.


To discover how a WMS can make your warehouse a happier and more productive place and if now is the right time to move forward with one contact us today.

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