How a WMS can Support a Winning Warehouse Team

Winning teams, in any field, require strong leadership, dedication and ‘best practice’ coaching.

Four years have passed since Great Britain hosted the 2012 Olympic games winning a record haul of medals as the host nation and a great sense of national pride… albeit the legacy of the investment will be debated for years! Was it a good return on investment? Will it encourage a new generation to be more active? Will it inspire us all to reach that bit further in our own lives?

Many of the same questions could be asked about investing in a warehouse management system. Will it support my team? Will it make their jobs easier and allow them to succeed in getting orders out on-time, every time? Will it be a good return on investment?

So how can a WMS help your warehouse operation win gold?

Creating a winning warehouse team that are able to maximise their potential is unlikely to involve global TV coverage and podiums but can make all the difference to the service a business offers its clients. You might not get presented with a gold medal from a loyal, happy customer but a glowing online review can be just as rewarding if it leads to a swell in customer confidence and lots of new orders!

If an Olympian fails to perform on the day, they are commiserated but are usually still held up as champions for being at the top of their game regardless especially against us mere mortals sat on the sofa watching them! Unless you are from Russia and just maybe you’re also sat on the sofa watching!

In stark comparison, if your warehouse team fails, your business is unlikely to get such a warm reception from the crowd!

Strong Leadership for a winning team

Strong leadership comes in many forms but few leaders are quite as consistent as an advanced algorithm that can, for example, recommend an empty location in any sized warehouse, saving hours of time looking for free space during goods in. Equally, recommending which locations need stock counting, based on frequency of visit automatically to ensure any errors are captured quickly at the locations which get the most ‘action’ is also going to aid in overall performance.

A warehouse management system will guide and coach your staff into optimal performance

A warehouse management system will guide and coach your staff into optimal performance ensuring high standards are reached and maintained. These standards can then be measured against warehouse KPI’s to continual monitor your warehouse performance without the need for questionable performance enhancing aids! Click here to read more about warehouse KPI’s from a previous blog post.

By providing very clear, consistent processes alongside easy to use systems within a warehouse, an operatives role becomes easier to perform and therefore success is a likely outcome for all individuals. As a result, you offer an environment and culture of excellence which breeds positivity within the warehouse operation and ultimately you have all the ingredients for a 1st place, winning warehouse team.

Available anytime, in real-time, from any device, Clarus’ cloud WMS comes with user definable warehouse KPI dashboards as standard. Harness the power of the Clarus Cloud