What are the key benefits of investing in a WMS?

Nowadays, pretty much everything has become digitalised. Businesses are operating in the online world and their business operations rely heavily on modern technology. The fact of the matter is that digital transformation is slowly but surely disrupting almost every business factor today. So investing in a WMS must be on your agenda to stay ahead of your competitors.

The importance of digitalising warehouse management comes from the fact that the market is highly competitive, no matter if you’re operating online or offline. Speed to market is vital when it comes to providing exceptional service and experience to customers, which is why businesses that move a lot of products on a daily basis must improve their efficiency.

If your warehouse management system consists of too many manual processes and an array of spreadsheets you may have a considerable problem on your hands which will impact customer satisfaction, repeat order, reputation and profitability.

So is investing in a Warehouse Management System (WMS) the answer?

A WMS system is a software application designed to help with the daily operations of your warehouse. The software tracks inventory, manages stock rotation and drives the workforce to ensure they are getting the job done.

This means that you have an extensive audit of everything in your warehouse ensuring good management decisions can be made regards sales and purchasing. A solid WMS system will reduce error and increase efficiency within the warehouse which will be a huge cost saving.

Five top reasons to investing in a new WMS

1. Poor understanding & visibility of current inventory levels:

Asking the simple question of “how many items you have in stock” is a good question to ask purchasing, sales and your warehouse manager. See if they all have the same answer! If they don’t or the answer is “I don’t know, let me go and count them”, it is time to look into a new warehouse management system.

A solid WMS system will answer that question in seconds alongside a full audit of each items history. How many items are coming in and going out?

What are my fastest moving lines? Are they in an easy to access pick locations? If you cannot find this quickly and act on the information, it’s time to get to review your warehouse system.

2. Warehouse Inefficiencies:

Warehouse inefficiencies and frustration is a feeling that many business owners might have regardless of how efficiently the warehouse is run.

If you cannot understand how your warehouse operates, how items are incorporated into your inventory and why things are being late, it’s time for a new system!

“How hard can it be?” is a common thought. The truth us, with lots of products, lots of orders and poor systems, it can very hard. Help yourself and your warehouse team. Invest in a WMS!

3. Late Deliveries:

A clear indicator that you need a WMS is when customers are complaining about not getting their items from you in a timely manner.

Thanks to supply chain leaders such as NEXT and Amazon, people expect their items quickly once an order has been placed. Late deliveries will cost you customers and reputation

If you are attempting to process 100+ daily orders, trying to to manage this manually in Excel will have a big impact to you level of customer service.

Late deliveries will cost you customers and reputation which is something no company can tolerate if they want to succeed in 2017.

4. Low Staff Morale:

A good WMS supports even distribution of tasks making sure the jobs with the highest priority are completed first, reducing bottlenecks within the process.

A busy employee isn’t always your best employee. Making good use of an operative’s skill set will keep them motivated and operating at a high level reducing staff turnover and allowing you to retain experience and promote talent.

If you do have a staffing issue which need addressing, a full audit of all worker activity will allow you to add additional support where needed. Alternatively, a change in team is sometimes needed.

5. Improve Customer Experience & Service:

The more complaints customers raise, the more admin you need to churn through and the less money you make.

This is true when you pick and pack certain items to only have them come back with the wrong address, wrong quantities or items. Even worse, if you send too many, you’ll probably never know!

A good WMS system eliminates most human error and provides best practice stock control thanks to validation throughout using barcode scanners and modern tablet devices removing extensive product knowledge requirements.

Improve your accuracy close to 100% while delivering world class customer service and the decision to invest in a WMS system becomes very easy.

Good warehouse management systems give you confidence in your inventory, increase staff efficiency and retention thus allowing your business run smoothly.

In Summary

Managing a warehouse and all the inventory, as well as the staff related to that warehouse, can be a daunting task. In addition, ensuring the effectiveness of your supply chain so that you’ll be able to meet customer expectations is even more difficult. However, with a proper WMS solution, all of those tasks can be made seamless, thus ensuring your company can easily boost both its efficiency and its overall performance.

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