Optimising Packaging Types for 3PL: A Strategic Approach

Boost efficiency, reduce costs, and create a sustainable packaging strategy for success in the logistics industry.

April 17, 2023

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Hey there, 3PL managers! Did you know the packaging types you choose can make or break your business’s efficiency and profitability? In this lively article, we’ll explore the common blunders in picking packaging types and show you how to amp up your packaging game to benefit your clients and your business.

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Beware the Packaging Selection Slip-ups

It’s unsurprising that many 3PL managers end up with many packaging types, often because they want to please high-volume clients. But guess what? This can lead to a messy, disorganised warehouse with too many sizes and subpar dimensional (dim) factors. Plus, offering a gazillion box sizes can confuse other clients when trying to find the perfect packaging for their products.

The Perks of Smart Packaging Optimisation

With a bit of thought and planning in selecting your packaging types, you can enjoy these great benefits:

  • Supercharged warehouse efficiency
  • Slashed costs from ordering and stocking tons of box types
  • Happy customers with the perfect packaging options
  • Great use of space in shipping containers and trucks, which can lead to lower shipping costs for your clients

Upgrade Your Packaging Types with these Tips

Ready to optimize your packaging types? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Keep Your Standard Sizes in Check

Offering 6-10 standard box types lets you cater to most clients’ needs without going overboard. By keeping things simple, you can streamline your inventory management and make it easy for clients to choose the right packaging.

  1. Embrace Efficient Dim Factors

When picking your standard box sizes, go for those with higher dim factors (like 3.9 or 4.8), which means more cubic capacity under a weight threshold. Doing so helps you make the most of your warehouse space and cut shipping costs for your clients.

  1. Make Your Warehouse Management System (WMS) Work for You

If a client needs a specific packaging type not in your standard lineup, use your WMS to add it as a pickable SKU. This way, you can meet unique client demands without turning your warehouse into a packaging jungle.

  1. Offer Earth-Friendly and Tougher Boxes for Wholesale

With sustainability and product safety becoming more crucial, why not upsell eco-friendly or more robust boxes for wholesale clients? This meets their unique needs and sets your business apart in a crowded market.

  1. Refresh Your Packaging Strategy Every Year

As your business and clients’ needs change, staying on top of your packaging game is essential. Do an annual checkup of your packaging types to ensure you offer the most efficient options and keep your clients happy.

The Wrap-up

Optimising your packaging types is necessary for 3PL managers looking to boost warehouse efficiency, slash costs, and delight customers. By going strategic, limiting standard sizes, focusing on efficient dim factors, using your WMS wisely, and offering eco-conscious options, you can craft a packaging strategy that benefits your business and your clients. So go on, get your packaging groove on!

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