Out of The Box On-premise Software? Keep The Receipt Safe

Out of the box, best of breed, off the shelf; call it what you will but software applications written using legacy technology, delivered on-premise are very rarely any of these things.

I think we’ll need something specific to us rather than a ‘package’

Bespoke software is very honest. It doesn’t pretend to be anything it isn’t because everyone knows it doesn’t do anything until the programming starts. It’s not pretending to have functions it doesn’t and everyone knows it’s a long road before you get something which works for you.

As honest as bespoke software is, it can be a very risky and time consuming journey to go on due to the time which needs to be spent constantly reviewing and scoping any area of functionality. As appealing as the numbers may look, overseas development adds a further complexity and worry if not managed tightly by an experienced team.

What is the alternative?

So how do businesses solve problems quickly and affordably as they grow? Many feel they have no choice but to take a punt.

They review a range of providers, narrow their list down to a shortlist of 2 or 3 following a 1 hour demonstration from a charming sales person and subsequently write a big cheque to the winner and then keep their fingers crossed and hope that in 6-12 months they’ll get something for that money. Rarely do they get what they expected and certainly not without pain on many occasions.

Cloud and proud – why you’ll waste time and money investing in anything else

The software world is changing and it’s changing fast. With the global technology shift from legacy on-premise applications to web-based cloud platforms currently well underway, software companies are able to provide one true version of their application which can be utilised by their entire client base. Users always benefit from the latest innovation keeping ahead of their competition and avoiding the dreaded upgrade downtime and cost. Clients usually pay monthly or annually and if the service is not maintained they are free to move onto another provider.

This is not only a huge benefit to the customer but also to the software vendor allowing them to scale their own operation’s cost effectively, keeping the cost to service their clients sensible and allowing them to focus on pushing their features forward rather than ironing out buggy software which has been poorly tested.

Warehouse management and stock control systems have never been at the forefront of off the shelf software like, for example, modern small business accounting and payment systems which truly come ‘out of the box’ and as such can cost their user’s relatively small sums of money each month or annum. Many wonder how they can get such a functionality rich solution for an almost worryingly small monthly or annual investment but the answer is simple…….. scale.

clients can be on boarded almost instantly onto systems which just work from day one

When technology businesses invest in cloud platforms to offer their software service (SaaS) they must build them in such a way that a new clients can be on boarded almost instantly onto systems which just work from day one.

Warehouse management solutions are still catching up in this arena and many businesses still find it hard to believe a ‘best of breed’ WMS solution which can be delivered in less than 30 days can possibly be as functional as one that takes 6-12 months to implement but those days of disbelief are numbered.

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