Plaspac: A Warm Welcome to Calrus WMS

See why they chose Clarus WMS for efficient operations and tailored invoicing.

October 6, 2023

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Get ready for some exciting news! We’ve just teamed up with our newest client, Plaspac, an industry leader in the plastic and packaging industry.

Plaspac head office

Meet Plaspac

With a whopping 30 years under their belt, Plaspac is the name to beat when it comes to all things wrap-related. Whether it’s for any commercial pallet shape or size, they’ve got an extensive range of pallet wrap offerings. But their personal touch sets them apart, showing every client – big or small – they’re valued.

Plaspac also believes in going green with a fully recyclable product line. They even help customers save cash with a free film audit service. Plus, they’ve recently upgraded to a larger warehouse to better cater to their clients’ growing needs.

Why They Picked Clarus

Plaspac’s Finance Manager, David Watkins, said, “Transitioning to a larger warehouse necessitated a WMS that could cater to our increased operational needs.” In selecting Clarus WMS, Plaspac addressed several pressing concerns:

Matching their Growth: Plaspac is growing, and they needed a WMS to grow with them. That’s where Clarus WMS stepped in, perfectly suiting their scaling needs.

Smooth Operations: It’s not just about having the right tools. Clarus WMS ensures everything in the warehouse goes smoothly, boosting their efficiency.

Billing Flexibility: Handling costs based on the volume of goods processed is challenging. Clarus WMS’s billing capability will provide the perfect solution, allowing Plaspac to determine expenses accurately.

Tailored Invoicing: The system’s inherent adaptability means that Plaspac can mould invoicing to match their specific preferences and business needs. This customisation proves invaluable in aligning their invoicing practices with their operational model.

The Clarus WMS and Plaspac Partnership

This partnership signifies a strategic move for both organisations. For Plaspac, it means cranking up efficiency in managing their warehouse and billing. For us at Clarus, it solidifies our role as a leading provider of WMS solutions.

Glen Wilkinson, our Head of Sales at Clarus WMS, couldn’t be happier about the partnership, saying, “We’re over the moon to welcome Plaspac to the Clarus family. Their dedication to high-quality service and products mirrors our own ethos at Clarus. We can’t wait to help them streamline their warehouse operations and hit their business targets.”

We want to extend our warmest welcome to Plaspac and express our excitement at the prospect of this new partnership. With Clarus WMS, Plaspac is set to supercharge their operational efficiency and deliver stellar customer service.

We can’t wait to see where this partnership takes both Plaspac and Clarus WMS. We’re ready to make serious waves in the plastic and packaging industry.

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