A perfect solution,

for a Distribution Business.

Maximise profitability, reduce picking times, and enhance customer satisfaction by automating as much of your process as possible with Clarus WMS.


Your customers will love real-time stock.

Clarus WMS informs your customers by providing real-time visibility into the movement of goods in and out of your warehouse. Stay on top of your inventory and ensure you always have the necessary information.

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Smart alerts for stock control.

With Clarus WMS, you will receive alerts for strict stock rotations to prevent the storage of aged inventory. Optimising efficiency and order fulfilment rates can enhance customer satisfaction and drive success for your business.

Storage alerts

Optimised warehouse layouts.

Utilise our intelligent put-away algorithms to find the optimal locations for holding stock, improving future warehouse tasks and making it easier for your team to navigate the warehouse when picking orders.

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Minimise costs
across operations.

Automated picking processes allow you to reduce picking costs and increase profit per sale. Your customers can self-serve by raising orders directly onto the system, reducing the need for manual admin work.

Savings costs