3rd Party Clients

Love Clarus WMS.

Your customers will love how Clarus WMS provides unrivalled transparency and improve their experience.

Clarity on stock
levels at all times.

Grant your clients controlled access to Clarus WMS, giving them visibility into all critical system areas. They will have complete transparency into stocking levels and performance, enhancing their experience and driving satisfaction.


Faster order fulfilment.

Your clients will be thrilled to see how Clarus WMS improves fulfilment times by helping your employees quickly locate the items they need. 

Warehouse picker

Real-time KPI reporting.

Third-party customers of Clarus WMS are consistently impressed by their access to detailed reports on order-processing throughput speeds and other key performance indicators.

MacBook Air showing clients reporting

Powerful connection opportunities.

You’ll be able to easily integrate with your ERP, shopping cart, or EDI partner, streamlining your operations and eliminating the need to manage multiple systems.