Warehouse Staff

Love Clarus WMS.

Our system is simple to set up and inexpensive, and you won’t have to make any changes to hardware, systems, or processes.

Data driven productivity.

Our workflow processes are designed to minimise in-warehouse travel time, maximise individual worker productivity, and protect your business from critical issues.


Making your day,
much easier.

With automatic task assignment, Clarus WMS helps you identify productivity gaps and streamlines operations to maximise the productivity of each warehouse worker.

Powerful technology,
made easy.

Even employees with no technical expertise can operate Clarus WMS efficiently on any internet-enabled device, thanks to its user-friendly interfaces and simple dashboards.

E-commerce warehouse picking on mobile device

Transparency on performance.

Performance tracking can help you tackle picking and shipping issues. You can measure the productivity of your employees on direct processes and non-productive time to optimise efficiency and effectiveness.

Warehouse staff using laptop for Clarus WMS