5 Reasons to Subscribe to a Low-cost Pallet Tracking System

A pallet tracking system (PTS) refers to software which assists users track the location of a pallet/s within a warehouse (e.g. pick location) or alternatively track pallets (or assets) once they have left the warehouse.

Examples of items which may need to be tracked and retrieved following the despatch of a load include CHEP pallets, delivery cages, plastic totes and stillages.

Tracking pallets within a warehouse


In simple terms, a warehouse PTS will allow the user to easily receive, quality check and locate a pallet being received into a warehouse. It will drive users to empty locations suitable to the size and height of the pallet. When that pallet is needed again, the system will drive users to find that pallet in real time while the reporting suite will provide an audit of all activity.

move away from error prone, manual Excel spreadsheets

It is also a powerful tool for transport and warehouse operations who are required to cross dock pallets but perhaps have little concern for what the product itself actually is e.g. a pallet of 10 toilets SKU12345, they just need to record the pallet itself being successfully received and despatched to the correct destination or load.

If destined for longer term storage, the pallet tracking system will then retrieve that pallet at a point in the future against a request to pick ensuring that no pallets are lost or misplaced while in storage.

Many warehouse management systems have these features (including ClarusWMS) but most legacy warehouse systems tend to over complicate the process for users who require something very straight forward to help them move away from error prone, manual Excel spreadsheets stored locally on disparate laptops or PCs.

Tracking pallets & assets once they leave the warehouse


When building a full load or picking smaller orders, the asset which the warehouse operative will pick onto e.g. a CHEP pallet or into cage, can often have an asset value to a business and needs to be tracked and ultimately find its way home to avoid unnecessary costs.

Tier one warehouse management systems may have this functionality but it will usually come at as part of a large, clunky implementation and a hefty upfront cost with many of the features going unused when operations are looking for something easy to use, quick to implement and low cost – this is where a pallet tracking system can be a great choice. 

A pallet tracking system can be the perfect low cost, easy to use solution to track these assets out into the supply chain, retrieve them back or hold others to account if they have gone missing using a clear audit trail.

5 benefits of a pallet tracking system


  • Low cost

A user can subscribe to a pallet tracking system, typically from £250 a month with no upfront cost

  • Quick to implement

You can simply sign up and away you go! Log your assets or inbound pallets into the system and then track them through a warehouse and when they have left

  • Share information

Using a web portal, your supply chain network can login and see what pallet ID’s are on their own sites they need to send back or what pallets you have live in stock within your warehouse

  • Easy to use

A PTS is a perfect way to combine key functionality from a warehouse management system but strip out the complexity and cost for operations that simply don’t need it. All of this can be accessed from an iPad or laptop!

  • Fast return on investment

If your having problems which are costing your business money, you can remove them fast by signing up and starting to use the system in a matter of days!


Pallet tracking system from ClarusWMS

If you want to solve your pallet tracking challenges quickly and affordably, speak to one of our team to understand how ClarusWMS’ simple cloud subscription platform can support excellence by promoting better customer service, better results and faster growth.

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