Our Story and Vision.

Simple. Powerful. Innovative.

Since its inception in 2016, Clarus WMS’s founders Tim and Fred, have held 3 simple core values that are still as prominent today as they were back then.


We genuinely believe that at the heart of all great tech is simplicity. We spend a lot of time making our product easy to use, leaving our clients free to concentrate on their business.


 The Clarus WMS platform is built on a powerful and flexible architecture, which is constantly being developed. When you choose Clarus WMS, you can rest assured that we’ll evolve as fast as your business.


Our innovation is what sets Clarus WMS apart from all others. Our team are always given the freedom and empowerment to push the product forward, and our Hack Days are a great example of this!

Clarus laptop


Our core is a team of talented individuals that come together, united by the vision of the business and a shared passion for creating industry-leading software.