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We Needed it Yesterday! Time Critical Warehouse Problem Solving

“We needed it yesterday” said almost every Financial Director, Operations Manager and Warehouse Manager with a serious problem in the warehouse at the beginning of their review of suitable warehouse management systems.

Stock accuracy and the location of product is often the biggest challenge facing a growing business. When stock cannot be located it has widespread consequences which ripple across a business.

The customer is annoyed because they’ve been promised something you now can’t offer them at all or it’s going to be delivered much later than they hoped. In the ecommerce world especially, they have likely already paid for their goods upfront so a crediting process then needs to take place costing time and money but often more damaging is the impact on reputation and the loss of repeat business.

As a knock on, your client may have promised this stock to someone else, perhaps a building project which now has 5 tradesmen on-site twiddling their thumbs for the day which has a much higher cost to them than the additional tea bags and hot water needed to kill the free time! This can have far reaching consequences through the supply chain and no one will hold back telling others who was to blame!

Many suppliers of warehouse management software would perhaps run a mile or even worse, take your order and grossly under deliver when you need to solve a problem fast. This is often because they just don’t have the capabilities to react quickly with quality software that doesn’t need months of fine tuning to have a hope of working for your business.

The software market is changing. Problems such as stock taking would once require a full solution to be implemented to solve a specific problem but modern, innovative WMS providers should be able to deliver a true point solution in a matter of days and hours rather than weeks or months.

Claurs’ range of stock control and warehouse management applications can typically be deployed in less than 30 days, not because they lack functionality, far from it. Harnessing the power of true cloud technology means warehouse management systems no longer require months on-site ironing out bugs, it just works!

To understand how ClarusWMS can provide tier one stock and warehouse management functionality in a matter of weeks, let us know you’re interested below.