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Discover why S.I.M. chose Clarus for seamless multi-site management, automated billing, and tailored operations.

October 6, 2023

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Clarus WMS is delighted to announce its latest partnership with S.I.M. Warehousing & Logistics!

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Getting to Know S.I.M.

S.I.M is different from your average logistics company. They’re experts in pallet warehousing, with services ranging from the nitty-gritty of pick, pack, and send to offering overnight or same-day consignments. Imagine a hub where every pallet is treated with utmost care and bespoke packing meets state-of-the-art tracking. That’s S.I.M for you!

One glance at their services, and you’ll understand their ethos: Detail, diligence, and dedication. They don’t just store pallets; they ensure they’re housed in secure, configurable environments, guaranteeing optimal safety and space utilisation.

Why They Chose Clarus

S.I.M was searching for a way to manage their growing ‘dark storage’ across six warehouse sites around Barnsley. They weren’t happy with their current solution due to training, support, and customer service issues, so they started looking for something better.

Steve Nash, the Director at S.I.M., breaks it down: “Choosing Clarus was a no-brainer.” Why?

Multiple Site Management: A unified view was critical as a business spanning several locations. Clarus allows S.I.M. to oversee all sites seamlessly, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Automated Billing: S.I.M. needed to navigate the intricacies of complex billing and the manual methods needed to cut it. Clarus automated the process, reducing errors and saving precious time.

User-Friendly Interface: A simple and intuitive design means quicker onboarding and fewer headaches for the team. Clarus’s interface will make it easy for the S.I.M team to adapt, minimising disruptions.

Warehouse Mapping: Visualising the warehouse layout is essential for efficient operations. Clarus’s digital warehouse map can mirror S.I.M’s layout, boosting storage and retrieval accuracy.

Handheld Workflow Builder: This feature empowered the S.I.M. team to create and tweak workflows on the go. Customisation is now in their hands, allowing for more responsive and tailored operations.

For S.I.M., it wasn’t just about finding a new system; it was about finding a solution that understood their challenges and provided precise answers. With Clarus, they found just that.

The Clarus WMS and S.I.M. Partnership

“We’re excited to be working with S.I.M. to help them with their warehouse operations,” says Glen Wilkinson, our Head of Sales at Clarus WMS. “During our onsite visit and system demonstration to the Barnsley head office, the key stakeholders loved its easy use. The fact that we offered a modern, shared platform and it’s accessible anywhere, from any device, allows the business to manage their multiple sites and locations with ease.”

This partnership marks a significant step for both Clarus WMS and S.I.M. With Clarus’ advanced warehouse management solution, S.I.M can streamline operations, optimise space usage, and make real-time decisions on the warehouse floor.

We’re dedicated to supporting S.I.M as they grow and are looking forward to a long and successful partnership. We’re all about enhancing S.I.M business processes and overall operational efficiency by offering top-class service and a go-to contact for everything they need.
Our partnership with S.I.M proves our commitment to innovation, putting our customers first, and providing top-quality service. Together, we aim to raise the bar in the logistics industry and deliver the highest service levels.

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