Why Clarus?

 Through a user-friendly and intuitive interface, Clarus WMS gives you all the tools you need to significantly improve your warehouse operations.

From intelligent reporting dashboards to efficient picking lists and intuitive stock management, Clarus will work with you to run your warehouse effectively to maximum capacity and productivity.


From the storage of fast-moving stock in the most efficient location, to individual SLAs and KPIs which help you to measure and monitor the rate in which operatives are working, Clarus can provide you with the business intelligence you need to run your warehouse effectively.


Clarus WMS enables your people to make your business even more successful. Utilising the latest technologies to create the most efficient workflow processes, Clarus can help you to ensure that your operatives are working at peak capacity. 

Reducing footfall by formulating intelligent picking lists and streamlining operations through multiple order collection; the system will ensure that urgent jobs are automatically prioritised and stock is continually and systematically audited in situ. 

Reduce errors.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate Clarus into your third-party providers and their applications, you will have complete visibility of each item entering and exiting the warehouse. 

With a range of tools from barcode scanning to internal audits and checks undertaken as either stand alone procedures or within existing processes, Clarus WMS ensure that you are confident in the stock movements within your warehouse.

Supported by real-time billing and accountancy, all invoices will be sent out right first time, and accounts will be up to date.

Supports unlimited

As an online platform built with enterprise-grade infrastructure and available on any web-enabled device, Clarus WMS can grow with your business. 

From 1 user to 300, and with no limit on the amount of information held or need for standalone IT infrastructure; ClarusWMSwill help you to maximise your operational capacity and deliver a better service to your customers.

Your industry, our solutions.