5 Ways a WMS Can Improve Your Customer Service

Dive in to understand how adopting a WMS can lead to elevated customer satisfaction.

July 25, 2023

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Good customer service is the heart of any thriving business. Enter the Warehouse Management System – a tool that can revamp your customer service by streamlining supply chain processes, reducing blunders, enhancing accuracy, and smoothing operations. Here’s a deep dive into the real benefits a WMS brings.

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Real-time Inventory Management

A WMS lets businesses stay on top of their inventory in real time. Aberdeen Group’s research reveals companies with real-time inventory visibility achieved a whopping 95% perfect order rate and brought down stockouts by 10% compared to those without a WMS. Businesses can significantly elevate customer service and satisfaction by steering clear of stockouts and delivery hiccups.

Faster Order Fulfilment

The automation power of a WMS is a key player in accelerating order fulfilment times. MHI’s report shows that 87% of companies saw an uptick in order accuracy after introducing a WMS. By automating the picking, packing, and shipping process, businesses can slash fulfilment times, leading to speedy deliveries and happier customers.

Reduced Errors and Improved Accuracy

Manual inventory management is a minefield of errors, leading to unhappy customers. A WMS, on the other hand, cuts down on mistakes. Intermec’s study found that 61% of businesses witnessed a drop in picking errors after bringing a WMS on board. With accurate inventory data, businesses can steer clear of shipping the wrong products or quantities, building stronger customer relationships.

Improved Visibility and Transparency

Heightened visibility and transparency are key to delivering top-notch customer service. A Voxware survey revealed that 87% of respondents think real-time inventory visibility ramps up the customer experience. A WMS lets businesses track inventory levels and order statuses on the fly, enabling them to give customers timely updates about their orders. This level of openness fosters customer trust and satisfaction.

Better Returns Management

Returns are part and parcel of any business, and how they’re handled has a major impact on customer service. The Reverse Logistics Association’s study unveiled that 92% of customers will likely shop again if the return process is simple. By automating returns, businesses can speed up return processing and refunds, ensuring a smooth return experience for customers.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, the benefits of a warehouse management system go beyond streamlining inventory management and supply chain processes. Real-time inventory management, swifter order fulfilment, fewer errors, higher visibility, and efficient returns management – all these factors contribute to a better customer service experience. By embracing a WMS, businesses can increase customer satisfaction and advance in the marketplace. The figures speak for themselves – the impact is tangible, and the benefits are too good to ignore.

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