Cam Store Partners with Clarus WMS to Innovate Operations

Discover how we're going to transform Cam Store's warehouse operations.

July 5, 2023

Cam Store logo

Hold onto your seats because we have some great news to share! We at Clarus WMS are thrilled to welcome our newest client, Cam Store, into the fold. We can’t wait to introduce our advanced software to Cam Store and watch it work magic to enhance their warehouse operations.

Cam Store warehouse

Getting to Know Cam Store

Cam Store is a top-tier player presenting warehousing, transport and self-storage solutions to businesses and individuals. Their vast 15,000-pallet capacity warehouse provides commercial clients with racked and free-standing storage options. Their tailored approach ensures that they can create the perfect package for every storage requirement. But, they were looking for a system to bolster efficiency and future-proof their operations.

Why They Chose Clarus WMS

Alex Synowiec has recently jumped into the Director’s seat at Cam Store and was eager to get systems and automation rolling. She reached out to us at Clarus WMS, we showed her what we got, and boom – she gave us a thumbs up the next week!

Alex Synowiec from Cam Store

What caught her eye was our automated billing module. This gem will adapt to their pricing structures – whether it’s storage duration, pick and pack fees, handling costs, or client-specific needs. “Doing this manually was not just time-consuming but also prone to errors,” shares Alex. They can now set up automated billing rules that consider all factors for consistently accurate billing.

She was also smitten with Clarus WMS’s other offerings like the client access to check stock levels or movements, warehouse map and our cross-docking capabilities. “We are excited to collaborate with Clarus WMS. Their feature-packed software will boost our efficiency and provide our clients with real-time visibility of their stock. This is a revolutionary move for us,” Alex adds.

The Clarus WMS and Cam Store Partnership

This partnership marks a victory for both sides. Our Head of Sales, Glen Wilkinson, who brought in the business, expresses his enthusiasm, “We’re thrilled to welcome Cam Store into our ever-expanding family. Their dedication to providing tailored storage solutions aligns seamlessly with our mission to improve warehouse operations with our cutting-edge software.”

We at Clarus WMS are thrilled to join hands with Cam Store, and we can’t wait to see how our system transforms their operations. With our affordable, flexible, and easily implemented system, we are sure to surpass expectations and assist them in soaring to new heights. Welcome to the family, Cam Store!

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