Temperature Controlled Zones

Our solution targets the crucial needs of managing temperature-sensitive goods, ensuring seamless order integration with specialised cold storage areas. This strategy guarantees product quality, safety, and compliance, streamlining operations and enhancing inventory management in the food and perishables sector.

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Key highlights

Ensure products are stored in correct temperature locations.

Easily segregate chilled, frozen and ambient stock.

Attribute temperature zone to product groups.

Benefits of Temperature Controlled Zones

Precision in Temperature-Controlled Storage

Excel in managing and organising storage by specific temperature needs—whether chilled or frozen— products that share similar temperature requirements are grouped and stored together. This meticulous approach enhances product safety and ensures strict compliance with health standards, elevating our commitment to maintaining the highest quality and safety of temperature-sensitive goods.

Temperature-Managed Putaway & Reallocation

Our system revolutionises how temperature-sensitive goods are handled right from receipt. With automated putaway suggestions, we ensure each item is directed to its optimal temperature-controlled environment, preserving quality and extending shelf life.

Create and Change Temperature Zones In Seconds

You can effortlessly adjust settings through the intuitive interface of their system. With a few simple clicks, you can modify temperatures to suit specific product requirements or optimise energy consumption. This seamless process enables rapid adaptations to evolving logistical needs, ensuring optimal storage conditions without incurring additional costs.

How It Works

Clarus WMS revolutionises cold chain storage management by strategically using location groups, enabling warehouse managers to create specific temperature zones tailored to the needs of temperature-sensitive products. Our system allows for precisely grouping items according to their required storage conditions, enhancing product quality, safety compliance, and operational efficiency. With the capability to dynamically adjust storage settings in response to changes in product requirements or environmental conditions, Clarus WMS ensures the integrity of the cold chain is always maintained.



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