Join leading manufacturers who have boosted their efficiency by diving into deep analytics, transforming their space, and tailoring workflows with advanced inventory tracking. Elevate your operations to new heights with unbeatable quality and precise recall management.

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What can you expect from Clarus WMS?

Full traceability throughout your operation.

Manage your manufacturing tasks with ease.

Integrate with ERP and production planning.

A perfect fit for your Manufacturing business

Streamline Your BOM Management

Efficiently manage your Bills of Materials (BOMs) to ensure all components are ready when needed, avoiding production delays and running your operations smoothly.

Employees assembling materials

Advanced Item Tracking

Enhance your operations with advanced batch and lot tracking, enabling individual item tracking for better warranty service, quality assurance, and streamlined recalls.

Tracking items in the warehouse

Optimise Your Production

Streamline your assembly line with our customisable kitting feature, which accurately creates tailor-made kits, reducing manual sorting and enhancing efficiency.

Employees preparing kitting materials

Story Time

An Operations Director efficiently managed his manufacturing business using Clarus’ robust batch controls and expiration date tracking. This allowed precise tracking from raw materials to finished goods, essential for product recalls and quality control, ensuring safety and traceability throughout production.