Batch/Lot Control

Gain peace of mind in managing your inventory by grouping products with similar attributes or production dates.

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Key highlights

Ensure quality control by monitoring shelf life, expiration dates, and product attributes.

Quickly identify and address any product recalls or issues.

Ensure full traceability by tracking the history of each batch or lot.

Benefits of Batch/Lot Control

Efficient Recall Management

In case of a product recall, quickly identify and remove affected items, safeguarding your customers’ safety and preserving your brand’s reputation.

Traceability Made Easy

Ease your mind with batch/lot management that offers complete traceability and simple tracking for each batch. Stay compliant and respond swiftly to recalls to ensure your operations run smoothly and safely.

Enhanced Quality Control

Ensure strict quality control by closely monitoring the shelf life, expiration dates, and quality attributes of products within specific batches or lots. This ensures that products not meeting quality standards are promptly identified and isolated.

How It Works

Upon product arrival, Clarus WMS records essential details like batch/lot numbers, production dates, shelf life, and quality attributes. All information is stored in a centralised database, linked to respective batch/lot numbers for effortless retrieval and reference.

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