Pharmaceutical Logistics

Introduce a dynamic system that transforms your pharmaceutical tracking, offering real-time traceability and efficient expiry date management. Prevent expired products from ever reaching patients and optimise stock use, ensuring every part of your supply is effectively utilised and safe.

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What can you expect from Clarus WMS?

Manage recalls by quickly identifying and locating affected batches.

Maintain quality and compliance to industry specifications.

Ensure that older stock is used first.

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Precision Temperature Monitoring

In case of deviations from the set temperature range, the WMS can trigger alerts. This allows for immediate corrective actions to prevent spoilage or degradation of pharmaceutical products.

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Recall Management Made Easy

Quickly manage recalls by identifying and locating affected batches, minimising public health risks and protecting your business reputation.

Automate Your Stock Rotation

Smartly rotate your stock, prioritising older items for use first. Significantly reduce waste and cost from expired products, making your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Story Time

A Head of Operations swiftly addressed a new client’s needs by implementing Clarus WMS. With our system in place, they watched as it flawlessly managed stock rotation, prioritising the older batches and ensuring every package sent out was timed and tracked. This not only bolstered the confidence of their new client but also set a new standard of efficiency and reliability in their operations.