Optimised Picking 

Choose the ideal picking method tailored to each product and order, simplifying your process for peak efficiency and productivity.

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Key highlights

Efficiently manage all inventory types in your warehouse.

Ensure your operations remain adaptable to changing demands.

Reduce order processing times and meet customer expectations.

Benefits of Optimised Picking 

Tote Picking

Imagine your workers efficiently handling multiple orders at once, each with its own dedicated tote or container. This method speeds up order processing and significantly reduces errors, smoothing out your operations and ensuring accuracy in every step.

Zone Picking

Transform your warehouse by assigning workers to specific zones and turning them into area experts. This approach minimises congestion, optimises space, and streamlines operations, ensuring items are always readily available and easily accessible.

Batch Picking

Enhance efficiency by picking multiple orders in a single warehouse pass, reducing travel time, boosting worker productivity, and saving on labour costs.

How It Works

Clarus WMS seamlessly adapts to your growing business and changing product catalogue. It allows effortless switching between methods, optimising your warehouse processes, be it tote picking, wave picking, batch picking, zone picking, bulk picking, piece picking, or pick by unit. This ensures agile and efficient operations as your business thrives.

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