Inbound Logistics

When a truck arrives at your dock, experience effortless management of goods from arrival to storage or outbound shipment, eliminating the stress of manual sorting and placement.

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Key highlights

Automation relives you from manual sorting and organising.

Ensure every item meets quality standards before storage through strict checks.

Incoming goods automatically go to their designated locations.

Benefits of Inbound Logistics

Efficient Receipt Scheduling

Unburden your team from manual tasks. Our solution simplifies your warehouse operations, adapts to your needs, and automates order-warehouse synchronisation for a smoother, more efficient workflow.

Rigorous Quality Control

Rest easy knowing every item is checked against your standards before it’s stored or dispatched. Our focus on strict quality control means maintaining top-notch inventory quality, ensuring excellence in every part of your operation.

Optimised Space Utilisation

Imagine goods effortlessly directed to their spots upon arrival, with non-storage items moving swiftly from arrival to departure, optimising space and streamlining your operations.

How It Works

Clarus WMS automates the goods-in process, seamlessly aligning incoming orders with warehouse activities and guiding products to their right locations, reducing manual intervention and enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

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