Kitting and Assembly Support

Easily assemble product bundles, combining multiple items into a single package, perfect for promotions, gift sets, or kits, making your offerings more appealing and convenient.

Key highlights

Reduce the labour and time required for manual kitting.

Tailor bundles to offer more choices for customers.

Faster delivery times and increased customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Kitting and Assembly Support

Streamlined Pre-Assembly

Visualise the ease of having components or products pre-assembled before shipping, significantly speeding up and streamlining your order fulfilment process. Save time and ensure a smoother, more efficient delivery to your customers.

Flexibility with Mix and Match

Be flexible by mixing and matching different products to perfectly meet your customers’ unique needs, whether creating custom gift baskets or personalised product kits. Cater to individual preferences, adding a personal touch to your service.

Inventory Accuracy

Enhance your inventory control by keeping precise track of both individual kit components and the finished products. Detailed monitoring ensures an accurate inventory count, helping you effortlessly stay on top of stock levels.

How It Works

Clarus WMS identifies individual items that can be grouped together based on predefined criteria or specific customer orders. These identified items are then combined to create a new, unique SKU in the system. This SKU represents the assembled kit, differentiating it from its individual components.

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