Cold Chain Logistics

Ensure the freshness and safety of perishable goods with a precise zoning system, reducing spoilage and maintaining product quality for increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

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What can you expect from Clarus WMS?

Ensure perishable goods are stored at right temperature.

Ensures compliance with health and safety regulations.

Automatically store items in correct zones.

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Products Are Placed Accurately

Ensure every product is stored in its ideal temperature zone, safeguarding your ambient goods from accidentally ending up in the chiller. Maintain the integrity and quality of your products and significantly cut down on wastage, making your operations more efficient and reliable.

Working in Food Warehouse in cold store

Reduce Your Errors

Get alerted when an error occurs, preventing any incorrect storage or handling of your products. Significantly reduce the risk of spoilage and ensure that every item is handled according to the highest storage protocols, keeping your operations smooth and efficient.

worker with a laptop in his hands at the cheese warehouse

Optimise Your Picking Timings

Ensure precise product picking to prevent premature freezer removal, maintaining cold chain integrity so your products stay frozen until delivery, arriving in optimal condition.

Story Time

A Head of Logistics addressed two critical issues: excessive costs from frequent freezer openings and misplacement in storage areas. By implementing our system with smart guidance and alerts, they significantly reduced freezer door openings, cut energy costs, and minimised storage errors. This led to improved efficiency, team confidence, and customer satisfaction, marking a significant improvement in the company’s operational excellence.