For I.T. Teams

Switch to a cloud-native system that eliminates the need for physical servers, saving costs and space. Enjoy a quick, simple setup that makes starting up easy and efficient for your warehouse team.

Explore how we're a I.T. Team's best friend...

What can you expect from Clarus WMS?

Regular database backups, resiliency checks and database management.

Invest in feature-rich software.

An Ideal Solution For I.T. Teams

Enhanced Security

Ease your I.T. staff’s workload with security handled by Amazon Web Services, ensuring professional management and reduced risk of breaches for greater peace of mind in your operations.

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Rapid Deployment

Effortlessly implement our system on-site without complex hardware setup, saving time and letting your I.T. staff focus on strategic tasks, streamlining your operations for efficiency.

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Disaster Recovery

In case of system issues, rest assured that we will quickly deploy new servers to minimise downtime. Your data stays safe and accessible with our automated backups and resilience checks, keeping your operations running smoothly.

That Clarus WMS Feeling...

As an I.T. Manager, you’ll see your warehouse operations transform with a cloud-native system, saving space and costs while simplifying tasks. Your warehouse team’s quick setup and easy adoption will lead to greater flexibility and efficiency, marking a significant step in modernising your operations.