Multi-Warehouse Support

Effortlessly fulfil orders from the optimal warehouse based on location and stock availability, ensuring quicker and more efficient deliveries for your customers.

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Key highlights

Complete visibility into the supply chain across different warehouses.

Easily incorporate new warehouses without disrupting existing operations.

Generates valuable insights from data across all warehouses.

Benefits of Multi-Warehouse Support

Optimal Stock Allocation and Distribution

Efficiently determine the best warehouse for each order, considering stock levels, location, and shipping addresses. This smart approach leads to more cost-effective and efficient distribution, streamlining your delivery process.

Centralised Control of Multiple Inventories

You’ll have control over your stock across all warehouse locations, simplifying how you manage inventory. Get a unified perspective that makes monitoring stock levels and movements a breeze, ensuring everything is where it needs to be when needed.

Streamlined Inventory Transfers

Smoothly transfer inventory between warehouses to balance stock, meet regional demands, or strategically position goods. This process keeps your stock levels optimal and ensures you’re always ready to meet your customers’ needs, wherever they are.

How It Works

Clarus WMS analyses the delivery location and stock availability across all warehouses when an order is received. It selects the optimal warehouse for fulfilment based on proximity to the delivery address and the availability of the required items.

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