Stock Rotation

Alleviate the stress of managing a warehouse by automatically rotating stock to prioritise older and perishable items, thus preventing waste and boosting operational efficiency.

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Key highlights

Ensure that the older items are sold or utilised first.

No longer have to worry about items expiring unnoticed.

Dispatch products based on their expiration dates.

Benefits of Stock Rotation

Improved Shelf Life Management

Effortlessly manage your product’s shelf life with an intuitive system prioritising dispatching items nearing expiration. Streamline your stock rotation, reduce waste, and ensure your customers always receive the freshest products.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction by consistently delivering the freshest products, exceeding expectations in industries where quality and freshness matter most.

Compliance with Regulations

Ease your mind by effortlessly staying on top of strict product handling and expiration regulations. With a system that smartly manages stock rotation based on expiration dates, you can ensure compliance and peace of mind, knowing every product dispatched is within the guidelines.

How It Works

Clarus WMS automates warehouse tracking and dispatch, prioritising older stock based on expiration or receipt dates, and integrating with advanced technologies for accuracy and efficient stock rotation.

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