Our Green Future

Hey, guess what? We’re making big moves towards championing global environmental sustainability! We’re putting in the sweat and tears to make our carbon neutrality commitment, certified by Carbon Neutral Britain, a reality. Clarus WMS sets roots for ten new trees for every new user that joins! A potent symbol of our proactive approach towards greening our planet.

Do your bit by joining Clarus WMS

We’re not your average company. We’re showing the world a new way to do business, one where we care about more than just profits. We’ve got our eyes set on the bigger picture – the health and well-being of our beautiful planet! Our actions are more than fighting climate change; they’re about revitalising our Earth.

Our CEO, Tim Payne, puts it perfectly, “Our goal is to blaze the trail in sustainable business practices. We’re not just cutting down on our environmental impact, we’re building a greener, brighter future for all.”

Making a Tree-mendous Impact

Imagine planting a forest of 1,200 trees each year. That’s precisely what we’re doing! This initiative will cover an impressive 1,900 square meters of the Earth’s surface with trees, absorbing around 130 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime.

“We’re not just offsetting carbon emissions,” Payne emphasises, “We’re taking responsibility for our planet’s future. Every business, no matter the size, has a part to play.”

More Than Just a Business Deal

Choosing Clarus WMS is an investment in a greener future. When our clients choose us, they get more than an efficient warehouse management system. They’re teaming up with a partner committed to environmental sustainability. Every user represents ten new trees and a significant step towards a sustainable future – that’s the Clarus WMS promise.