Food & Beverage Logistics

Keep a watchful eye on your products’ journey from start to finish, ensuring safety and recall readiness while enabling informed decision-making throughout your supply chain.

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What can you expect from Clarus WMS?

Regulatory controls built-in.

Instant and complete visibility.

BRCGS compliant software.

A perfect fit for your Food & Beverage Logistics business

Manage Your Expiry Dates Easily

Always dispatch the earliest-dated food items first, optimising food safety, minimising waste, and maintaining the quality your customers expect and deserve.

Man checking juice for expiry date

Keep Your Product's at Perfect Temperature

Maintaining the perfect temperature for your products is crucial for food safety and compliance. Our temperature control feature is key to preserving product integrity and reducing spoilage, giving you and your customers the assurance of top-quality goods.

Working in Food Warehouse in cold store

Enhance Your Recall Response

Easily streamline your recall procedures, quickly tracing and removing any affected items to maintain food safety and compliance. Our efficient process helps ensure the well-being of your customers and keeps your operations running smoothly.

Explaining what needs to be recalled

Story Time

An Operations Manager of a major distribution company began receiving orders for bread and bakery items each morning, all with a low shelf life and a tight delivery window. By leveraging the capabilities of Clarus WMS, they efficiently managed stock rotation and expiration dates, ensuring that only the freshest products made it onto the first shipment by 1 pm, perfect for day-one deliveries. Real-time tracking and expiry alerts allowed them to uphold the highest freshness and quality standards, resulting in consistent customer satisfaction with each timely, delicious delivery.