Centralised 3PL Billing: Unlock Incredible 5 Benefits

Learn about the benefits of centralised 3PL billing.

January 26, 2023

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As e-commerce continues to soar, businesses are turning to 3PLs to handle their warehousing and shipping needs. However, managing the billing process for these 3PLs can be a hassle. Companies are turning to warehouse management systems like Clarus WMS to centralise 3PL billing, streamline the process, and make their operations more efficient.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of centralising 3PL warehousing and billing, the features of our system that can help streamline 3PL billing, and how centralising 3PL warehousing and billing can improve your business. Let’s get started!

Warehouse using centralised 3PL billing

What is Centralised 3PL Billing? 

In short, centralised billing is a game-changer for logistics operations. It streamlines the billing process and strengthens client relationships by giving them visibility into charges and payments. With this technology, logistics companies can improve their operations and increase revenue.

Features of a WMS That Helps Streamline 3PL Billing

Here are some of the features of a WMS that can help streamline 3PL billing:

  • Automated Invoicing: WMSs can generate invoices automatically, so you no longer have to generate them manually. This saves you time and eliminates the chance of errors.
  • Consolidated Billing: WMSs can consolidate your 3PL billing into one invoice, so you don’t have to generate multiple invoices manually. This makes tracking payments easier and ensures that all 3PLs are paid on time.
  • Real-Time Reports: WMSs can generate real-time reports that give insight into your 3PLs’ performance. This makes tracking their services more accessible and ensures you get the best value for your money.
  • Auditing & Compliance: The ability to maintain audit trails and compliance with regulations such as tax laws and industry standards. This can save you time and money while ensuring that you meet legal requirements.

Benefit 1: Enhancing Customer Relationships 

Centralising your 3PL warehousing and billing operations can be a powerful tool for enhancing customer relationships and ultimately growing your business. Making billing and invoicing simpler can make it easier for customers to work with your warehouses and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Additionally, centralising your operations can significantly impact your business, and one area where it can make a big difference is customer service. Streamlining the invoicing and billing process can speed up payments, leading to faster invoicing and improved customer service.

Automating invoicing helps to get paid faster and faster processing of payments. This can improve customer satisfaction by providing them with invoices and timely payments.

Benefit 2: Simplifying the Billing Process for Customers

When it comes to 3PL operations, payments can often be a hassle. WMS allows customers to view invoices and make payments directly through the platform without requiring manual invoice generation and payment processing, making it more straightforward for customers to do business with you.

But the benefits continue beyond there. Centralising your operations with WMS also provides an opportunity to offer customers more favourable payment terms. You can give recurring and instalment payment options, making it more manageable for customers to pay their invoices and increasing overall satisfaction.

Moreover, having automated billing with a complete audit trail can automate the invoicing process, allowing 3PLs to capture new clients. In some cases, they could gain new business by introducing extended payment terms, recurring payments, or instalments. Upgrade your payments process and streamline your operations with a centralised approach to 3PL warehousing and billing.

Benefit 3: Increased Efficiency

When managing 3PL billing, consolidating all related information in one central location can be a game-changer. Businesses can easily view and manage their payments by centralising billing data, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Furthermore, the benefits of centralisation are multifaceted. For one, it reduces the risk of errors, as all billing information is stored in one place rather than scattered across multiple systems. Consolidating all billing information in one place reduces the risk of errors and improves the overall efficiency of the billing process.

Having all billing information in one central location also leads to fewer discrepancies, reducing the time and resources needed to resolve them. It makes the information easily accessible and manageable.

Benefit 4: Better Visibility and Control

With a centralised billing system, businesses can access all their billing-related information in one place. You can gain greater visibility and control over your billing process by centralising your billing operations. 

A WMS with a complete audit trail allows you to track and record every event within your warehouse, from goods in, put away and picking to stock movements and status changes. This information helps you see how your warehouse works, find problems, track progress, and make decisions using data to make it more efficient.

For example, if you notice a particular product is frequently out of stock, you can use the audit trail to identify the root cause. It could be an issue with the supplier, or the product may not be picked and packed quickly enough. With this information, you can take action to resolve the issue and prevent future stockouts.

In addition to identifying issues, the audit trail also allows you to track performance and measure the effectiveness of your warehouse operations. You can use the data to analyze productivity, identify improvement areas, and set team targets.

Benefit 5: Cost Savings

By centralising 3PL billing, businesses can reduce administrative costs by streamlining the billing process and minimising errors and disputes. A central system can be implemented to handle all invoicing, eliminating the need for multiple systems or manual processes. Sending this to your finance operator. 

In addition to reducing administrative costs, centralising 3PL billing can lead to more effective inventory management. Businesses can keep better track of what they have and spend less money by keeping accurate records of all logistics costs. Companies that heavily rely on inventory, such as retailers and manufacturers, will particularly benefit from this.

Benefit 6: Automation Can Help Streamline Your Processes

One of the most significant benefits of automating the invoicing and billing process is that it eliminates the need for manual data entry. Streamline processes and eliminate errors by implementing this system, ensuring all invoices are accurate for easy reconciliation.

Automating the billing process for 3PL helps improve customer service by allowing for faster invoicing and payment processing, making it easier to address customer concerns and resolve issues. Establish customer trust and loyalty for long-term success by implementing this strategy.

Wrapping Up: 3PL Billing

Centralising 3PL warehousing and billing can revolutionise your business operations. Centralising processes like invoicing and billing can save time and money and improve customer satisfaction by making it easier to bill customers and respond to their needs.

A WMS is the ultimate tool for achieving this goal. With features like automated invoicing, a WMS allows you to manage all your 3PLs in one central location, streamlining the invoicing and billing process and ensuring you get the best value for your money.

At Clarus WMS, we understand the power of centralising 3PL warehousing and billing. Our system is designed to work well with other finance systems, which helps reduce extra work and makes things more efficient. Our advanced billing engine links directly to your finance system, ensuring you never miss a charge and maximising efficiency.

If you’re ready to take your 3PL operations to the next level, look no further than Clarus WMS. Our WMS streamlines the invoicing and billing process and ensures you get the best value for your money. Reach out to us to learn how our WMS can help centralise the 3PL warehouse and billing to improve your business.

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