Cam Store Streamlines Warehouse Ops with Clarus

Hold onto your seats because we have some great news to share! We at Clarus WMS are thrilled to welcome our newest client, Cam Store, into the fold. We can’t wait to introduce our advanced software to Cam Store and watch it work magic to enhance their warehouse operations.

Getting to Know Cam Store

Cam Store stands out as a top-tier player in the storage solutions industry. With a vast warehouse boasting a 15,000-pallet capacity, they offer both racked and free-standing storage options, catering to various commercial needs. Their tailored approach allows them to craft the perfect storage solution for every client. Recognising the need to enhance their efficiency and future-proof their operations, Cam Store has embarked on this partnership, poised to take their services to the next level.


A Move Towards Automation and Efficiency

The decision to partner with us at Clarus WMS came under the new direction of Alex Synowiec, who recently assumed the role of Director at Cam Store. Her goal was to streamline systems and introduce automation into their operations. Upon discovering the capabilities of our software, she was immediately convinced of its potential to transform their business.

One feature that particularly captivated Alex was our automated billing module. This versatile tool adapts to various pricing structures, from storage durations and pick and pack fees to handling costs and client-specific requirements. “The manual process was not only time-consuming but also error-prone,” Alex points out. With our automated billing system, Cam Store will benefit from consistent accuracy in billing, considering all relevant factors.

Alex was equally impressed with other features of Clarus WMS, such as client access for stock-level monitoring, warehouse mapping, and cross-docking capabilities. “Collaborating with Clarus WMS is a revolutionary step for us,” she states, “Their comprehensive software will significantly boost our operational efficiency and offer our clients real-time visibility of their stock.”

Clarus WMS and Cam Store’s Shared Vision

This partnership is a triumph for both Cam Store and Clarus WMS. Glen Wilkinson, our Head of Sales who was instrumental in this collaboration, shares his excitement, “Welcoming Cam Store into our family is a momentous occasion. Their commitment to providing custom storage solutions resonates with our mission to enhance warehouse operations with our innovative software.”

At Clarus WMS, we are delighted to join forces with Cam Store. We anticipate our system will bring about transformative changes to their operations. Our software, known for its affordability, flexibility, and ease of implementation, is set to exceed expectations and propel Cam Store to unprecedented success.