Campeys’ Efficiency Leap with Clarus WMS

We at Clarus WMS are pleased to announce our latest venture with the esteemed Campeys of Selby, a company that has excelled in warehousing and storage for an impressive 75 years. Their expertise, honed over decades, perfectly complements our modern, serverless warehousing solutions. Together, we’re set to redefine warehouse management, aiming for smoothness reminiscent of a Yorkshire pudding at a Sunday dinner.

Getting to Know Campeys of Selby

Campeys of Selby has a storied past, tracing its origins to the 1930s. Founded by Harry Campey with a single truck, the company has evolved into a leading warehousing and storage service provider. Now, under the stewardship of Paul Campey and the participation of the fourth generation, Harry Campey, the business embodies a rich family legacy combined with cutting-edge operational strategies.

Their diverse and comprehensive services encompass everything from palletised storage and stock picking to re-labelling and container “destuffing.” Campeys excels in managing palletised and unpalletised stock, offering a spectrum of logistics services ranging from general haulage to specialised glass loads. This vast array of services underscores their adaptability and commitment to meeting diverse client needs.

The Strategic Implementation of Clarus WMS at Campeys

In a significant move to expand and modernise, Campeys has recently inaugurated a new warehouse. This expansion is further enhanced by integrating our Clarus WMS, which marks a pivotal advancement in its operational capabilities. Our system’s introduction into their new facility is a game-changer, promising to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and elevate the level of service provided to their clients.

This integration reflects our commitment at Clarus WMS to assist our partners in embracing technological advancements that significantly enhance their operational efficiency. The implementation of our warehouse management solution is tailored to align with Campeys’ long-standing expertise, ensuring a seamless blend of tradition and innovation.

For those seeking a reliable and experienced partner in warehousing and storage, Campeys of Selby, equipped with the advanced capabilities of Clarus WMS, represents an ideal choice. This collaboration is not just about improving operational efficiency; it’s about setting a new standard in warehousing and logistics services.


Campeys of Selby and Clarus WMS: Elevating Warehousing Services

At Clarus WMS, our commitment to providing exceptional warehouse management solutions is unwavering. We take immense pride in supporting our clients to enhance their service offerings. The addition of Campeys of Selby to our client portfolio is a source of great excitement for us as we embark on a journey to elevate their warehousing and storage services to unprecedented heights.

Campeys views this partnership as a strategic opportunity to advance its warehousing and storage services, aiming to provide unparalleled service to its clients. Our collaboration is a powerful combination of Campeys’ rich experience and expertise with the advanced technology of Clarus WMS. We are confident that this synergy will lead to outstanding results, surpassing expectations and setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Our goal is to foster a long-lasting and successful partnership with Campeys, where our dedication to exceptional service aligns with their commitment to excellence in warehousing. We are geared towards working collaboratively to deliver superior warehousing solutions that meet and exceed their customers’ needs. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Campeys for choosing Clarus WMS as their warehouse management solution provider. This partnership is a testament to our shared vision of excellence and innovation in warehousing services.

The future of our partnership with Campeys of Selby holds tremendous potential. We are not just transforming their current warehouse operations; we are paving the way for innovative practices in the warehousing and logistics sector. Our collaboration is about setting new industry standards, enhancing service quality, and driving operational efficiency and growth.

Central to our joint venture is our mutual commitment to customer satisfaction. Clarus WMS and Campeys of Selby are dedicated to providing solutions that exceed client expectations. We envision our collaboration as a model for the industry, showcasing how integrating advanced technology with time-tested expertise can create a thriving warehousing ecosystem.

As we explore new horizons together, our partnership with Campeys is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in warehousing. We are reshaping the future of warehousing services, fostering a more efficient, sustainable, and customer-oriented industry landscape.