Clarus Accelerates RJM Commercials Ltd Transformation

We proudly announce a strategic partnership with RJM Commercials Ltd, a burgeoning force in the commercial vehicle and logistics sector based in Snetterton, Norfolk. This collaboration is set to revolutionise their warehousing operations, leveraging Clarus WMS’s cutting-edge warehouse management system to optimise stock handling, improve accuracy, and significantly enhance operational efficiency.

Getting to Know RJM Commercials Ltd

RJM Commercials Ltd, known for its impeccable service history and dedication to customer satisfaction, operates from a strategically located facility that is easily accessible from major transportation hubs. Specialising in selling commercial vehicles with a robust service offering that includes tailor-made finance packages, part exchanges, and professional valuations, RJM Commercials Ltd is now expanding its operations to include warehousing services, focusing on bulk storage.

Selecting Clarus WMS

As a relatively new entrant to the warehousing and logistics industry, RJM Commercials Ltd faced the immediate challenge of implementing a robust system capable of handling complex date and batch codes for efficient stock management. Without a prior warehouse management system in place, the need for a solution that could offer quick implementation and easy integration was paramount. Clarus WMS emerged as the perfect partner, offering a true cloud platform that could meet their urgent deadline and specific operational requirements.

The RJM Commercials Ltd Partnership

“We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with RJM Commercials Ltd,” says Glen Wilkinson, Head of Sales at Clarus WMS. “RJM Commercials Ltd approached us with a straightforward requirement for their operations, emphasising the need for a quick and efficient onboarding process. We’re proud to say we’ve managed to deliver on that requirement within a few weeks, and they are now live using Clarus, handling simple pallets in and out with batch and date management. It’s great to have RJM Commercials Ltd on board, and this collaboration is a testament to our shared values of quality, service excellence, and a drive for innovation and efficiency in the logistics industry.”

Mark Thompson, Operations Manager at RJM Commercials Ltd, comments, “Choosing Clarus WMS was a strategic decision for us. As we ventured into warehousing, we needed a system that was not only quick to deploy but also robust enough to manage our specific needs around date and batch code management. Clarus WMS’s system offered the flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency we were looking for, making it the ideal choice for our operations.”