Welch’s Transport & Clarus: Efficient Logistics Ahead

We at Clarus WMS are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Welch’s Transport, a venerable brand in East Anglia and the East Midlands. Our partnership ushers in an era focused on augmenting efficiency and elevating customer service, set to revolutionise the logistics landscape.

Getting to Know Welch's Transport

Since its inception in 1934, Welch’s Transport has been a paradigm of exceptional distribution services, boasting nearly ninety years of experience. Their expertise spans a broad spectrum, from pallet networks and hazardous transportation to advanced storage facilities. Despite its large-scale operations, Welch’s Transport maintains a personal touch that resonates with its clients.

In a recent stride towards environmental responsibility, Welch’s Transport launched an all-electric delivery service. This initiative in Cambridge represents their commitment to sustainable practices and aligns with the broader goal of eco-friendly business operations.

A Step Towards Modernised Warehouse Management

In their quest to refine warehouse management strategies, Welch’s Transport, a family-owned business with two Bedfordshire locations, sought a more streamlined and effective solution. This search led them to us at Clarus WMS, particularly as they faced challenges with their existing cloud-based WMS and an upcoming contract renewal.

“Our growing influence in the logistics sector caught Welch’s attention,” notes Glen Wilkinson, Head of Sales at Clarus WMS. “Our partnerships with companies like Campeys of Selby and S&J Haulage showcased our capabilities, prompting Welch’s Transport to reach out.”

Clarus WMS was set apart from Welch’s Transport because of our specialised proficiency in managing batch codes and lot numbers – a critical need for their operations. Our array of features, including client accessibility, automated invoicing, efficient cross-docking, and flexible picking, presented a compelling case. Our solutions promised to streamline Welch’s manual processes and create customised workflows to meet their unique operational needs.

Chris Welch, Director of Welch’s Transport, recognised the synergy with Clarus WMS. “The comprehensive features of Clarus WMS, coupled with their commitment to sustainability – evident in their initiative to plant ten trees for every user – resonated deeply with our ethos,” he shared.

Uniting for Sustainable, Efficient Logistics

Glen Wilkinson encapsulates the essence of this partnership: “This collaboration is a testament to our aligned visions. Together, we’re set to redefine the logistics and transportation sector by introducing sustainable and efficient solutions.”

The alliance between Welch’s Transport and Clarus WMS marks a new logistics chapter that embraces technological advancement to create a sustainable, effective, and customer-centric future. We are enthusiastic about the potential our joint efforts hold, anticipating remarkable achievements in the logistics realm.