Automated Replenishment

Experience hassle-free inventory management with a system that constantly monitors your stock levels in real-time, analysing past and present data to predict your future needs accurately.

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Key highlights

Maintain ideal inventory levels to meet demand.

Minimise the risk of stockouts and overstocks.

Orders can be fulfilled more quickly and accurately.

Benefits of Automated Replenishment

Min/Max Replenishment

Keep your inventory right, avoiding overstocking or running out by maintaining minimum and maximum levels. Use historical data to smartly predict future needs, streamlining your ordering process and keeping things running smoothly.

Automated Replenishment

Experience a system that effortlessly moves inventory from bulk to primary locations, reducing manual work and ensuring high-demand items are always pick-ready, accelerating order fulfilment and streamlining your operations.

Dynamic Pick Faces

Imagine your warehouse where dynamic pick faces reshuffle storage to align with fluctuating demand, maximising space utilisation. Strategically, reducing picker travel time and boosting picking speed and productivity.

How It Works

Clarus WMS uses set parameters like min-max stock levels to automatically identify when inventory falls below necessary amounts, signalling replenishment needs. It harnesses historical and current data, enabling precise future inventory forecasts.

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