Client Benefits

With Clarus, you’ll benefit from unrivalled uptime, on a platform that evolves with a blend of drive and innovation. Introducing features like sophisticated warehouse mapping that invite you to explore the digital landscape with a keen eye. And, on the off chance that unexpected issues arise, our customer service respond with a speed and efficiency that’s unseen in our industry. All ensuring your operations continue smoothly, and letting you focus on growing your business.

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Key highlights

Enjoy cloud-native benefits with instant scaling and unrivalled uptime

Enjoy the benefits of Clarus' industry leading set of modern WMS features.

Make data-driven decisions and plan your strategies with Clarus' visibility.

Benefits of Client Benefits

Modern cloud technology

Built on a modern framework, Clarus enjoys the benefits of instant scaling and enhanced AWS backed security. With Clarus WMS, you’re not just keeping pace; you’re enjoying the new standard.

A full-feature platform, filled with tech!

As clients of a business using our software, you’ll now benefit from their access to enhanced, modern tools such as Warehouse Mapping, Advanced Picking Methods and a wide variety of Automations. Get ready to see the impact for yourself as new tools are launched regularly to boost capability and efficiency.

Ultimate Self-service Capability

Empower yourself with the freedom to effortlessly manage and track your orders and inventory, streamlining your experience. All supported by our customer service team that are available on Live Chat with an average response time of only 2 minutes!

How It Works

Securely log into our system, where data confidentiality is paramount, and access is strictly limited to authorised users. Once inside, you’ll have the ability to view real-time information on inventory, order status, and shipment tracking. This immediate insight is made possible through live database queries, ensuring you’re always equipped with the latest data. This system is designed to keep your information safe while offering you a comprehensive overview of your operations at any moment.

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