Event Triggers

Reduce the need for manual input and handling, speeding up various warehouse processes from inventory management to order fulfilment.

Explore how you could use automation and Event Triggers...

Key highlights

Minimise human error in data entry and processing.

Maintain a steady flow of operations and quality control.

Improve customer service and quicker response times.

Benefits of Event Triggers

Improved Inventory Management

Always knowing exactly what’s in stock, avoiding the hassles of overstocking or running out of items, and keeping your inventory perfectly balanced.

Enhanced Order Processing

Experience the ease of faster and more precise order fulfilment with automated picking and sorting. Speed up your process and ensure accuracy, greatly enhancing customer satisfaction with each order.

Labour Cost Savings

Automate repetitive warehouse tasks to reduce labour needs and achieve significant cost savings, streamlining your operations effectively.

How It Works

Clarus WMS automates warehouse operations, streamlining the flow from goods receipt to dispatch. Upon completing a receipt task, the system generates a put-away task, accessible immediately by mobile device users. Similarly, processing a sales order triggers a picking task, which advances to the next dispatch step upon completion, be it shipping preparation or loading. This seamless automation ensures efficiency and reduces manual intervention in warehouse management.

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