Expiry Date Tracking

Keep a vigilant eye on expiry dates, ensuring you never ship out expired products to your customers.

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Key highlights

Reduces the likelihood of needing to discard expired goods.

Prevents overstocking of items that may expire before sale.

Alerts for near-expiry products enable actions like discounts or donations.

Benefits of Expiry Date Tracking

Enhances Inventory Rotation

Prioritise sending out products closer to expiry dates, following a First Expire, First Out (FEFO) approach. Smart rotation ensures that nothing goes to waste, helping you manage your inventory more efficiently and sustainably.

Improves Regulatory Compliance

In industries where handling perishable goods comes with strict regulations, having a system that tracks expiry dates is a lifesaver. It ensures you’re always compliant, steering clear of potential legal troubles by responsibly managing those time-sensitive products.

Enhanced Customer Trust and Satisfaction

Providing customers with products always within their shelf life builds trust and satisfaction. It shows you value quality and care about always delivering the best to your customers.

How It Works

Product expiry dates are recorded upon receipt and tracked in the system. It employs the FEFO principle to prioritise dispatching products nearing expiration. The system automatically alerts warehouse staff about items approaching expiry, enabling proactive inventory management.

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