Handheld Workflow Builder

Customisable task workflows in your warehouse mean your team can manage sales receipts and floor transfers more efficiently and accurately, saving time and effortlessly adapting to changing needs.

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Key highlights

Customise operations to suit your warehouse's specific needs.

Easily scale up for smooth warehouse operations as you grow.

Your team follows clear step-by-step instructions for error-free execution.

Benefits of Handheld Workflow Builder

Error-Free Operations

Enjoy peace of mind with our automated workflows that double-check for errors, ensuring tasks are done right the first time. Boost order accuracy and customer satisfaction, letting you trust in smooth, reliable operations.

Growth Made Easy

Adapt and grow your warehouse operations with ease. Our system lets you modify workflows in minutes rather than weeks. Allowing you to scale up effortlessly to accommodate more tasks, users, or new processes, ensuring seamless operations as your business expands.

Tailored to Your Needs

Tailor your warehouse management to fit your unique needs, from tracking product quality to managing diverse tasks. Gain full control and clear visibility over your operations, making management smoother and more effective.

How It Works

Clarus WMS simplifies tasks with user-friendly buttons, guiding your team through each step for accuracy. Customise these steps to align with your warehouse’s needs, controlling the level of detail, from quality checks to item grading, ensuring improved workflow. Everything is traceable through to the user and time stamp.

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