Pallet Tracking

Effortlessly manage your warehouse with streamlined tracking and handling of palletised goods, enhancing inventory accuracy and space utilisation for improved efficiency and productivity.

Explore how you can track pallets in real time...

Key highlights

Get real-time visibility into pallet location and status.

Minimise the risk of misplacement or loss of goods.

Ensure a safer and more secure transportation of goods.

Benefits of Pallet Tracking

Mixed Pallets

Customise pallets for specific customer orders to boost satisfaction, while maximising pallet space to reduce shipments and cut transportation costs, enhancing both service and efficiency.

Pallet Consolidation

Save on transportation costs and enhance goods safety by consolidating smaller shipments into single pallets while freeing up much-needed warehouse space.

Pallet Splitting

Easily break down large pallets into smaller units for specific orders, simplifying handling and improving precision in inventory control and tracking at the pallet level.

How It Works

Clarus WMS optimises pallet management by using barcodes for real-time tracking, algorithm-based storage allocation, and integration with warehouse equipment, streamlining the handling and storage of palletised goods.

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