Suggested Putaway

Picture your warehouse where every worker knows exactly where to place each item, thanks to clear rules. This clarity saves time and decision-making, leading to a smoother and more efficient putaway process.

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Key highlights

Items are stored in locations suited to their specific needs.

Be compliant to any storage regulations.

More agile in adjusting to shifts in demand.

Benefits of Suggested Putaway

Improved Space Utilisation

Transform your warehouse with location-based rules, strategically placing items to maximise available space. Smart organisation reduces wasted areas, making your warehouse more efficient and well-ordered.

Increased Productivity

Streamline your warehouse with dynamic sorting and custom putaway rules, organising workflows to minimise travel time for workers, thereby boosting overall productivity.

Better Inventory Control

Imagine your warehouse where every item is stored in its ideal location, tailored to its size, weight, and compatibility. Product-based organisation leads to neater, more controlled inventory management.

How It Works

Clarus WMS streamlines warehouse operations with smart putaway strategies, matching products to optimal locations based on size and weight and utilising space efficiently. Automated, real-time instructions to workers reduce manual decision-making, adapt to inventory changes, and increase overall productivity and accuracy in storage.

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