Transform your warehouse
with MaxOptra!

Integrating Clarus WMS with MaxOptra is crucial for businesses looking to improve their delivery operations. By combining these two systems, businesses can access real-time data to optimise their delivery routes, improve inventory management, and enhance the overall customer experience.

MaxOptra can plan your delivery routes with ease.

With MaxOptra you can generate routes daily, weekly, or on any desired basis, depending on your dynamic schedule. Their algorithms can quickly produce efficient and dependable routes while considering traffic conditions, roadworks, vehicle capacities, live order volumes, and delivery time windows.

MaxOptra route optimisation software

Tired of these problems? You're not alone.

Integrating MaxOptra with Clarus WMS can provide a combined efficient solution for businesses.

No access to real-time carrier and routing data.

Real-time routing data will allow you to plan delivery routes more effectively, considering traffic and road conditions, resulting in efficient and timely deliveries.

Ineffective inventory management.

By tracking inventory movement from the warehouse to the customer, businesses can better understand product demand and plan inventory accordingly.

Providing a subpar customer experience.

By using MaxOptra and Clarus WMS, you can provide customers with accurate and up-to-date delivery times, improving customer satisfaction.

MaxOptra efficiently manages driver activities.

With MaxOptra’s ePOD solution, you can gain complete visibility of your supply chain, from the warehouse to delivery. The paperless solution is deployed on handheld devices or smartphones, allowing for seamless tracking of all delivery-related tasks, including driver and customer communication and notes.

Get real-time monitoring of delivery activities!

With the integration of Clarus WMS and MaxOptra, businesses can take their supply chain management to the next level. This powerful combination allows for real-time tracking of performance metrics, from warehouse KPIs to delivery results. By utilising this integration, businesses can gain valuable insights into the entire delivery process, enabling them to quickly identify and address any inefficiencies or issues that may arise.

Bespoke reporting for your unique needs.

The MaxOptra team is always ready to assist you in tailoring the reports to meet your business needs. With their powerful dashboards, you’ll have access to actionable insights that will help you optimise your delivery operations and enhance your overall business performance.

MaxOptra Reporting & Data Analysis

Better your inventory management!

With Clarus WMS and MaxOptra you get a shared database between the warehouse and delivery teams. You can ensure that inventory levels are accurately tracked and that the right products are delivered to customers. It can result in a reduction of errors and returns, while also ensuring a superior customer experience.

Provide accurate and reliable delivery updates!

By integrating the MaxOptra with Clarus WMS, you can provide real-time updates on the status of orders and estimated delivery times, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Delivery on time as always